Hoot n Waddle is looking for book-length collections of poetry, literary fiction (short stories, micro-fiction, and novellas), and literary nonfiction. 

What we're not looking for: genre or fan fiction, epic novels, self-help, cookbooks, personal or family histories, how-to—you know what, if you're not sure, make an inquiry (hootnwaddle@gmail.com). 

If you're not sure whether or not your manuscript is a good fit for our press, we suggest reading one of our existing publications, which are available from https://squareup.com/store/hootnwaddle

There is a $20 reading fee per manuscript (for mail submissions, we will accept money orders or cashier's checks only). Alternatively, you can purchase one of our books, and we will wave the submissions fee (proof of purchase is required for this option).

Submissions are open year round—until we get overwhelmed, at which point we'll shut 'em down faster than something that gets shut down really, really fast.

Please allow 6-12 months for response for all categories. 

What is harder to describe than what we're looking for in creative nonfiction? Almost nothing.

Let's start with some general stuff: No more than 70,000 words or 150 pages. You know, manuscript length.

After that, well, it's easier to describe what we're NOT looking for: autobiography, biography, family history, self-help, theology, philosophy, recipes, how-to...

What does that leave? What does that mean? Who am I? What is my purpose in life?

I suppose that's all open to interpretation, but we're looking for strong, creative personal writing or essays, and again, just like our call for poetry manuscripts, we're really looking to publish a diverse range of voices and experiences.

If you're not sure whether or not your work fits this call, and you want to find out before you plunk down ten buck for the submission fee, you can email us (hootnwaddle@gmail.com) with a brief synopsis.

Please allow 6-12 months for response.


We are looking for full length poetry manuscripts, no more than about 100 pages in length.

As far as content goes, we're more interested in substance over form. Micropoetry, prose poetry, free-form, a mix... We're looking to publish a diverse array of subject matter and voices. The wilder the better. The worst thing you could send us would be something that's stuffy or academic. Also, no prose poetry, please, and nothing that rhymes.

I don't want to tip our hand by listing any example poets, so I'm not going to.

 Please allow 6-12 months for response. 


We're looking for, to quote Dana Carvey as Johnny Carson, "Some weird, wild stuff." Think some of the weirder tales you've read by T.C. Boyle or Lorrie Moore or Haruki Murakami--that's the sort of thing we're looking for. Dark humor? Hell yeah!

What we don't want, and I hate to say this, because I love some of this stuff, but it's just not what we're looking to publish, is genre fiction. No Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Erotica... Magical realism? Sure! Love it! The key in there is realism. Literary fiction.

As far as form goes, we're looking for short/flash fiction collections or novellas. Very, very short novels--we're talking no more than 65-75,000 words (150 - 180 pages).

 Please allow 6-12 months for response. 

Hoot 'n' Waddle